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Why use Joyful Celebrations?

Posted on by admin

Old saying you get what you pay for. Not all bouncy companies & operators are legit. Joyful Celebrations equipment is clean, safe, inspected, highly insured and premium licensed inventory with Disney and other major movie and super hero themes. We don’t use Chinese knock offs that look like they might fall apart or worst be contaminated with chemicals you wouldn’t want your children playing on. Community Approach:

We have recently announced a beneficial financial and work agreement with YOUTH ICON which is a youth organization. They are a non profit youth organization that will benefit from a revenue stream to continue their good work.

Cleanliness: We clean our units on every use wiping away any possible germs that could make children and adult alike sick. It’s not optional.

Safety: Our units are approved by the National ATSM of the USA. Which has very stringent safety rules. All of our units have passed with flying colours. Our Products have Creativity Blended With Safety. Ninja Jump’s (our manufacturer & supplier’s) creativity is unlimited and governed by safety standards. They are in this business for the long haul, as are our customers and therefore, so too, are there products. For this reason they’ve gone beyond the minimum approved safety standards by developing additional safety features such as safety entrances, roof hatches and fire retardant materials that meet or exceed the NFPA701 large scale tests. All these are the results of continuous Research and Development projects. Most of our inflatable attractions are approved for both indoor and outdoor use. They meet ASTM requirements and come standard with our own proprietary 15 oz. lite n’ strong™ fire retardant vinyl, high output blower, owners manual, tarp, repair kit, heavy duty storage bags and seam-to-seam warranty. 

Licensed & Inspected: Our units are inspected and licensed with the BC Safety Authority. Not every competitor even bothers to do this as it would highlight their deficiency’s and require them to follow certain protocols. We made sure to do it no questions asked.

Insurance: We are covered with a very good insurer and have one of the highest liability coverage’s in the market. You maybe surprised that others don’t have insurance. Ask for proof. Your homeowners policy won’t cover you if something happens and they are not covered.

Staff: Many of our staff are people you’d be happy to welcome into your community or home. That can’t be said of some of our competitors. Like with carnival amusement rides some of the staff are questionable. Would you want them around your children?

VIP Program: Finally, we have a after the sale VIP program that none of our competitors have. We have a loge suite box at the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Center. This gets you exclusive access to upcoming events and acts. Such past events as Circ-de-Soilel, Reba McIntyre, KISS, Lord of the Dance etc. You won’t be disappointed planning or organizing an event with Joyful Celebrations. We promise.

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