What Equipment Do You Need for Plumbing Repairs

You don’t always need to call the plumbing professionals if you know how to use the plumbing tools and how you can make your problem go away by using those tools. But even after trying your best you fail to make the problem go away, do not hesitate to call the The best plumbers Toronto for assistance.

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Pipe Wrenches

The pipe wrenches are used to make the pipe and other adjustable things fit with each other. There are different types of wrenches that are easily available in the market. The sizes vary from 12 to 18 inches. You need to use the longer range for the wider pipe. Otherwise the wrench would not fit to the pipe. When working with the chrome finished objects beware of the scratches that may appear from the teeth of the jaws of the wrench. Try and use tapes or cloth as the inhibitor.

Adjustable Wrench

This type of wrench can fit to a wide range of pipes, bolts or nuts. The general people can buy a 10 in adjustable wrench for the general purpose of every day work. The 10 inch wrench usually opens up to 11/8th inch in span. Try and use the wrench in such a manner that the pressure is pushed against the fixed portion. If you still cannot understand how a wrench works call the best plumbers Toronto for assistance.

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Rib Joint Pliers

These tools are very useful when you are using them for the purpose of fitting nuts, pipes etc. Just be careful enough to adjust the pliers to the size of the nuts and such so that they do not slip.

Locking Pliers

The screw that is situated on the handle of the locking plier helps in adjusting the jaw of the tool so that they can attach to a particular object that needed fixing. It can be used to tighten the loose screw or a pipe. If you are fumbling about the usage of pliers contact the best plumbers Toronto as soon as you can.


As the name suggests, if you need to hack through some objects then this is the tool that you need. Starting from steel it can hack through almost every pipe or bolt. Generally it has a 10/12 inch long blade that is removable. You can also use mini hacksaw for the general use. If you do not dare to hack through the plumbing tools then call the best plumbers Toronto as soon as you face a problem.

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These tools are usually used to tighten the loose nuts. It can also be used for opening various plumbing materials like the faucets. It can be found in various shapes and types. If you are confused and cannot decide which screwdriver is right for your plumbing need then call The best plumbers Toronto at the earliest.

Measuring Tapes

If you want anything fixed then you must need to buy a 25 foot measuring tape immediately.

Pipe Cutter

The pipe cutters that can make your life a bit easier is a cutter for the plastic tubes which can cut through the most rigid plastic pipe and a pipe cutter which you need to rotate around the copper or steel pipe to cut through. Contact The best plumbers Toronto if you are not sure that you can wade through the messy plumbing work.


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