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No Call No Show Joyful Celebrations can help

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Competitor company didn't show for kids party.

Competitor company didn’t show for kids party.

No Call No Show Bouncy Castle Company

Joyful Bookings got a call Saturday night just before closing because of a no call no show by a bouncy castle company provider.  They asked if we could supply a bouncy castle to the family last minute. We were willing to, but the family decided to leave it as it was late and decided they would book with us another time.

We would like you to learn a lesson this poor family went thru as their party is without bouncy because they made the mistake of booking with a person or company who is obviously not professional, a flyby night out of the garage or back of the trunk type set up, likely not registered or certified with BC Safety Authority (BCSA) or the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

How can we say all that? Well because they were a no show to the party. They didn’t even have the decent to call. Now kids at the party are doing without and the company has put a damper on the entire event. Would a professional company do such a thing? Of course not. Especially now a days with social media and word of mouth on Facebook etc.

If they had a decent reason for not showing like an emergency, break down one might give them the benefit of the doubt. But not when they don’t even show or call.

How can you prevent this from happening to your family or organization event?

Top 5 ways to order from a legitimate bouncy castle or party equipment rental company:

1: Are they registered with the BC Safety Authority (BCSA)?

You can know for sure by checking if they are a registered contractor at the BCSA web page under amusement. All bouncy castle companies MUST register with the BCSA and if renting equipment for use by the general public must have their units inspected and certified by the BCSA to be used.

BC Safety Authority

Check if the bouncy castle company is registered as a legimate company with the BCSA.

Check if the bouncy castle company is registered as a legitimate company with the BCSA.

2. Are they registered with or have complaints with the Better Business Bureau? (BBB):

Also check do they have testimonials on their website, Facebook or Twitter accounts. They are great options to see what a company’s profile is like.

3. Do they carry liability insurance?

Ask for a certificate of insurance. If they can’t provide one then they likely don’t are not properly insured.  It is very difficult to get insurance in the bouncy castle industry because of the bad operators who have had serious injuries.  Don’t risk your family, organization or company to a liability that you shouldn’t be held responsible for if you hire a company that is not properly certified, registered and insured.

4. Do they give Quote’s & Contracts?

To be considered to do an event or party do they quote with an official quote document that they can send to you electronically? When you are ready to book how do they confirm your booking and what contract do they offer? Every company has different ways of doing business. But with the amount of money involved, the liability and the demand, every company should have ways to confirm to you that you will receive the service you are requesting for the price you have been quoted and with the equipment or services you are expecting at the place, date and time you want. If you don’t have a contract or agreement with the company you are dealing with than what guarantee do you have? Zero because your call was strictly verbal and nothing to fall back on.

5. How do they want and expect payment?

Money talks and many consider booking with the cheapest but as we all know you get what you pay for or in this case don’t. If it sounds too good to be true it is. All the clichés matter here as there are many small one person or out of the garage type company’s in the area that are trying to make a quick buck. But they don’t mind leaving you in the wind if they can get a better or bigger job on the same date they promised you. Plus usually there is only 1 or 2 of them and they can’t be in all places. Companies like Party Works, Houle Entertainment, Jump for Joy and Joyful Celebrations can.


We want you to have fun no matter who you book with and there are some who do better than we in areas we don’t even try. We will recommend the entertainers and services we’ve seen to be reliable and good if we know of them.

If companies you contact can’t show or prove the above mentioned items move on to a company that can. You won’t be disappointed and you won’t need to explain to your young child or guests why they don’t have the bouncy castle, face painter, cotton candy machine etc. that they were all so looking forward too.


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