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Mutual Friends of you and Joyful Celebrations

Posted on by admin
Well we are nearing our goal of 400 fans.  We started in April with just over a 100 fans,  We started a contest to find more like minded friends and fans of Joyful Celebrations.  So we started with the people who know us.  

In order to win the bouncy castle rental you will need to take a photo when signed in to Facebook under your profile and go on to Joyful Celebrations Facebook Page.

You will then get this result showing Jorge has 59 mutual friends who also like Joyful Celebrations.

The highest number hear the moment the contest is called wins.  We need each candidate that is serious to either take a photo like this and upload to the event win a bouncy castle rental at: https://www.facebook.com/events/406897725986924/

or email a print pdf or photo to email:  joyfuljorge@gmail.com

There will be a cut off time to get in your proof so be ready and good luck.

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