How safe is it to rent a jump house?

Please refer to all of the instructions and guidelines listed on your rental contract and on the unit itself. It is important that all users follow the rules listed on the contract and the unit. Our inflatable’s are all safety-rated and exceed industry safety standards. This means that they are built with safety in mind, using the latest in high-security designs and fire retardant materials.

How many people will your jump house hold?

The maximum number of riders of each group that should play in the Joyful Celebrations Inc. Bouncy castles, combo units, slides at one time are:
Unit Children 8  and under Children  9-12 Teens Adults
15×15 jump 8-10 6-7 4-5 4
13×13 jump 8 5-6 3-4 3
13×18 combo 10 6-8 4-5 4
180 & Kahuna Slide 4 4 4 4

Do you charge for set-up and/or delivery?

There is a charge for delivery to all locations based on time from our location. Where possible delivery charges will be reduced if there are multiple deliveries on the same day in the same area.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, we do require a $100 dollar partial payment, not a deposit to hold the date and equipment. Once confirmed invoice full payment two weeks in advance to secure rental.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

You may cancel your reservation prior to your event only if you have taken the Peace of Mind Waiver and your cost would only be the waiver fee.  Other than weather 36 to 24 hours out one can not cancel without penalty.  Extenuating circumstances should be covered by the waiver other wise up to the full cost of the rental for cancellation depending on notice could be withheld.  To avoid, get the waiver.  The waiver covers cancellation for any reason, unintentional damage and excessive cleaning after use.
A full refund is given between 36 to 24 hours cancelled due to weather.  More than or less than will cost a cancellation fee unless waiver is taken out.

What is your policy if there is inclement weather?

Bouncers cannot be used if there are winds of 25 mph or more, and cannot be used in the rain. It would not be safe for your children. If the weather looks like it will be unsafe prior to delivery, we will call you and discuss whether we should cancel the rental and reschedule your event. If we set up the unit, and the weather later turns inclement (rain or higher winds), we will pick up the unit according to schedule. However, in this event, no refund will be given.

Are your units clean?

All of our inflatables and equipment are meticulously cleaned and serviced after each rental. We want you to be comfortable in knowing that you are providing your family and guests with fresh and hygienic rental products.  In this day and age with all kinds of bugs fron H1N1, H1N5, MSRA etc.  You owe it to your kids to ensure you are renting from a reliable and registered company.

Do I need to clean the jump house when the party is over?

You, the customer, will need to inspect the unit to make sure that there will only be a reasonable amount of cleaning done by our staff.

How much space do I need?

A 13×13 area is required for jump house, 18×19 for combo units, and 42×17 for the slide. The area should be flat, free of debris, rocks, and trees. If you have an in-ground sprinkler system, please make sure the timer is not set to go on. We can set up on grass, pavement, or indoors.

How strictly do you keep your schedule?

We pride ourselves on our punctuality. We will always deliver our units on time or early.  Your booked time is guaranteed to be up and running from start to finish.  Our set up and tear down are not part of this paid time.

How do I go about reserving an inflatable?

You can call us at GVRD TOLL FREE  1-877-82(4KIDZ)  or Fraser Valley 1-604-756-1199 or you can e-mail us at info@joyfulcelebrations.ca

Do I have to rent for the entire day or can I rent for shorter/longer periods of time?

Our standard rates are for 3-hour rentals. However, we are flexible and can allow you to keep the unit for longer if needed. We can, if the need arises, allow you to keep the unit overnight for an additional charges. Please contact us for additional information.

When/How do I pay?

Partial Payments are due within 48 hours of intent to book to hold date, time, and unit.
Full payments are due and expected 2 weeks prior to delivery. We will deduct $100 of your initial Payment from the total. We take email money transfer,VISA, Master Card.
Certified cheques at 2 weeks and non certified 3 weeks prior to event.

Do you offer a discount for renting multiple units?

YES, Please contact us if you have a need for renting multiple units on any single day. We will do our best to work with you and give you the best price.

Will the Inflatable’s harm my lawn?

We cannot guarantee that the inflatables will not affect your lawn. In most cases, it will only temporarily flatten the grass, which should recover in a few days.

Does Joyful Celebrations Inc. have insurance?

Yes. We carry a liability insurance policy. Please note that all individuals and/or companies that rent from Joyful Celebrations Inc. are required to sign a rental agreement prior to setting up the equipment. We cannot set up the inflatable’s until the rental agreement has been signed.

What type of power is required for an inflatable?

The inflatable should be within 100ft. of a 110v outlet. We will supply the power cord, but we do ask that nothing else be plugged into the outlet being used and that it be a single breaker.

Can I have an inflatable at a park?

You must contact the park, in advance, to let them know that you would like to have an inflatable present. Many parks require a permit to have an inflatable set up and can take as many as 10 days to process. If a 110v outlet is not available, such as at a park, a generator will be required and you may arrange this or we can for you with an additional charge.

Who is responsible for underground utilities?

Our units are staked or we provide sand bags depending on inside vs outside and location of unit, if it requires stakes into the ground for stability and safety we stake. Therefore, the renter is responsible for having all utilities located prior to their party.

What should we do to get ready for our inflatable rental?

The first thing we like to tell people is…..”measure.” Make sure you know where you want your inflatable rental, and make sure there is enough room. Also, make sure your outside plug is working. That means….plug something in and test it! We need electricity within 100 feet minimum. The second thing is, mow your lawn the day before, not the same day or the morning of set up. It will help keep the inflatable clean for your kids’ enjoyment. Also, if you have a dog, please clean the yard of any waste before we come. It will help to keep odours away while your kids are jumping, and will prevent any soiling of our unit(s). If you have a waterslide rental, don’t water your lawn for a few days before your party. Waterslides use a lot of water, and if your grass needs it, it will absorb it a lot better if it is dry.

What are your safety rules/regulations?

  • 1. Always have adult supervision at ALL times, when children are in or around the unit.
  • 2. Children must remove their shoes prior to entering the unit.
  • 3. Keep the number of children in the unit at or below the number indicated in the rental agreement.
  • 4. No horseplay or flips.
  • 5. Absolutely NO gum, food, drinks, candy or silly string in the unit. These items, especially silly string, are very harmful to the vinyl.     And of course choking could occur while jumping, sliding or climbing. Violation of this rule can result in additional charges for cleaning.
  • 6. Keep smaller children out of the unit when older children are jumping. Allow a separate time for just the small children to participate and enjoy the fun.
  • 7. Do not move the unit from the set up location for any reason.
  • 8. Do not use near water or when fireworks are being used or will be used.
  • 9. Have FUN!

If you have further questions please feel free to contact us either on Facebook, Twitter or TEXT US at our business line 604-756-1199.  You can send a question that will be answered during our regular business hours.

We can be reached at 1(604)756-1199 or Toll Free 1-877-824-KIDZ (5439).  During high season quickest way is via email or social media.