Company Information

Joyful Celebrations Company

Nine years ago while arranging a neighbourhood Block Watch event, my wife and I hired a company to provide entertainment for the kids in the area. However, the event planners with whom we had booked were an hour plus late, and the experience wasn’t what we had thought we were hoping for. The following year we got together with some of our neighbours and organized the kids entertainment ourselves for the next few events, buying inflatable combo bouncy castle and other games and party favours to keep the kids amused. As a result of poor service with a previous company and with a little encouragement from our neighbours and friends we developed the idea for Joyful Celebrations. “Our whole focus is to add joy to a function and to give our customers more than they expect. After receiving financial support from friends and family, we  got our business off the ground in March of 08”.

We are part of our community, (see events we have been apart of below). Today, Joyful Celebrations Inc. includes everything from inflatable bouncy castles, combo units, slides, interactive sport units to face painting and event planning. Our events range from private parties to fundraisers for schools, clubs and societies. We also do those crazy ‘lawn greetings,’ where you get flamingos or buzzards for your family or friend’s front yard for birthday’s and anniversaries. We have incorporated our kids and their friends into our business, which I admit has been great for our family. We have some really great face painters who use the world famous and only face paint in the world to receive FDA approval.  Our face painters will even come in costume such as Disney Princesses Cinderella, Belle, Snow White and Superheros like Iron Man, Spiderman and Batman.

We are excited about the future, because if this first year is anything like next year and going forward, we’re going to do really well.

To find out more information about adding a little joy to your celebration, you can call us Toll free 1-877-82(4KIDZ) (5439) or Fraser Valley at (1) 604-756-1199, email