What are the different ways to buy gold in Canada

People who live in Canada and are involved in purchasing of precious metals are often in a dilemma regarding buying gold from banks in Canada. Yes, people can buy gold from banks in Canada, but the real question that arises is, how?

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How to purchase gold from banks in Canada

Gold along with other precious metals is seen as a safe and reliable source of long term investment. Search for a precious metal dealer is a tricky thing to do, especially in a time when there are so many rumors around the market related to fake gold bars in major banks.

buy goldIs the internet an option? 

There are a large number of bullion dealers available on the internet. Probably there are as many bullion dealers on the internet as there are twitter feeds talking about gold. Some people are lucky in finding reliable bullion dealers online whereas others don’t have as much luck as is required to buy gold online. This happens mostly with those people who have no idea regarding how the gold prices work, what services one can get with it and what storage options are available with it.

Investors interested in local investments

There are three options available for these people. The first one is finding a local bullion dealer, the second one is to find a jeweler who is a local, as well as carry bullion and the third one, is to go to the banks to buy physical bullion. For the people who are interested in the third option, we are providing some information which will be of help to you

Buying gold from banks in Canada without knowing which ones sell it

The simple answer to this question is, “with great difficulty”. While many banks will let you buy gold from them and even provide a storage solution for the same there are very few banks that keep precious metals in physical form for retail sales. There are two reasons for this. The first one is that it is a security risk and the second one is that, the capital gets tied which can be used in another place. The first thing that you need to do is using the google maps to look for the gold dealers in your area or locality.

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When you get a list of options that can be of use go on to search that which of the banks in this list have given advertisements for gold selling services. After this is done look for the rates that each bank has to offer and based on that chose the best option for yourself.

With the right strategy and a source of trust, you can protect your savings very easily for a very long duration. Buying gold from a bank in the least cost-effective way to do so. A bullion dealer will provide you a hassle-free service for buying and selling your gold as compared to a bank. This is because banks provide a variety of financial services, whereas these dealers are specialized in just one.


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According to the latest data published by Social Security, in the U.S.A, there are 1,977,277 self-employed, and a vast majority of them are (1,555,602 professionals) without workers under them. On the other hand, 86.3% of them do not exceed the minimum contribution base, which decreases their income once retired.

Banks are obliged to value the approval requirements that a mortgaged person has to meet during the analysis of responsible granting of a mortgage.  In the case of the self-employed, the mortgage terms might be more reduced, in order to avoid a mortgage debt to pay upon retirement.

Statistics says more than half (55.8%) self-employed people have been active for more than five years. What happens when you enter a bank office to apply for a mortgage loan? Do you need the help of residential mortgage broker to get Toronto mortgage rates?

How does the Bank Value the Self-Employed?

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When a bank analyzes the risk of granting a mortgage to a client, it considers a multitude of variables including job stability, the effort that the quota assumes with respect to income and the guarantees it provides. On the other hand, the nature and market value of real estate also limit bank financing.

Theoretically, self-employed means not being able to present a labor contract to the bank.  However, the complexity of economic activity indicates that there are self-employed people who have several commercial contracts with their clients. There is also the figure of dependent self-employed workers (TRADE), who can present a contract similar to an employee.

Pedro Javaloyes, director of the Observatory of Family Financing of the Broker Agency, explains that financial institutions see with a better eye the self-employed who fiscally reflect all their income that they declare indirect estimation. Those who make their tax declaration by modules, such as transporters, taxi drivers, masons or plumbers, have it more difficult, The reason behind is not declaring the real income of their activity.

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Antonio Beltrán, director of Plus Majorities Financers, agrees on the best acceptance of the self-employed who are taxed indirect estimation and adds that also the economically dependent self-employed are well valued by the banks.

This group obtains at least 75% of its income from the same client and its contract is registered in the Social Security. “This type of self-employed person credits their income very well and usually works for large companies” explains Beltrán. Toronto mortgage rates and bankers or carriers usually feed the ranks of this special type of self-employed worker.

On the other hand, banks require the self-employed people to present a minimum of two years’ income statement. The income that reflects your tax returns must be sufficient for the debt ratio and it should not exceed 35-40%.

The savings provided by the mortgage applicant, the maximum financing amount is 80% of the appraisal, having to contribute to the operation the expenses and a percentage of the purchase price. It depends on the Toronto mortgage rates or the bank you are approaching for a loan.