An Introduction to Shingle Roofs

When the question of choosing right roofing materials comes, Toronto roofers contracts suggest homeowners to go for shingles. The reason to go for shingle roofing is not because it is affordable, but because it can provide great value to the homeowners. For instance, shingle roofing can easily augment the curb-appeal of the home.

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Shingle Roofing

Roof shingles is considered to be a kind of roof covering which comprises of individual overlying elements. These elements come in flat, rectangular shapes which are placed one over another. This is done in order to create a solid piece of roofing. For instance, each piece of shingles overruns the joints below. It is done in order to order to [provide greater level of flexibility and strength.

Shingles Can Be Made from Different Materials

Most of the homes in western countries come with a sloped roof. If you take a close view of the roof, you will get to see that it is made up of one or other kind of shingles. Usually, roof shingles can be made up of slate, wood, and flagstone. Sometimes, it can be even made up of composite materials like asphalt or fiber cement.

Different Type of Shingle

By this time you must be well aware of the fact that there are different types of Toronto roofers shingle materials. Depending on the structure of the house and the climate of the area, the shingle should be chosen.

Asphalt Shingle

It is common form of shingle. It comes in 3 –Tab that is lightweight and flat. Being slightly wide, it gives the roof a 3-dimensional look.

Metal Shingle

It can be made from steel, aluminum, and copper. It is available in sheets and it is bit expensive. It is durable and easily recyclable and provides good resistance to wind and fire.

Wooden Shingle

It can come from pine or redwood or cypress tree. The uniform nature makes the front smooth and easy to maintain.


Why Shingles Are So Popular? 

The reason behind the popularity of shingle Toronto roofers is their effectiveness and for its numerous benefits.

Affordable: Shingle roofing is very affordable option. Even if some part of the roofing gets destroyed, it can be easily replaced.

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Longevity: They can last for a long time. For instance, some shingles like wood can last for a long period of time. With proper maintenance you won’t need to replace the shingles very often.

Installation: Whether one plans to install fiberglass based shingles or flagstone shingles, they are easy to install. Toronto roofers contractors can easily install them without much hassle.

Energy Efficient: The way through which roof shingles are manufactured, makes them energy-efficient. Also, the shingles being available in different colors can easily reflect the sun rays during the summer and also keeping the house warm during winter.

Versatility: One important benefit of using shingle roofing is that it can be installed on any roof types. The shingles can easily provide protection from any kind of weather condition.

If you plan to install shingles, call a professional Toronto roofers contractor. They can guide you to choose the right shingle material for your home.


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