The advantages of waterproofing a basement in Newmarket

Water leaks can lead to a lot of property damage and costly repairs. The prevention of these leaks is the best way to avoid a lot of problems and expenses. The basement is a common source of water leaks and there are numerous advantages for waterproofing your basement before leaks can occur.

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 Foundation Protection

The basement has an important role in the overall structural integrity of its foundation. Basements and foundations are predominantly made of concrete, which is porous. This means that the cement has small holes that will absorb water over time if the surface is not sealed. Water can expand and contract depending on temperature and will contribute to cracks and fissures that can be very expensive to repair. If the foundation begins to collapse because the water leaked into the basement, the house will have its foundation integrity checked, which is expensive and takes a long time. Basement waterproofing helps prevent this.

Useful for finishing basements

Many people decorate their basements by adding carpets and additional lighting. Some convert the basement into a mini-apartment, game room or home gym. Equipment stored in the basement is expensive and can be severely damaged by a water leak. Electronics that get wet may not work again and also carry the risk of electric shock that can cause injury. Space waterproofing protects the equipment helps avoid the embarrassment of having a guest staying in a guest room leaking or damaged by water. One can find the latest design from Newmarket basement renovations.

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Investment protection

Water damage can affect the resale value of your home. If an appraiser discovers damage to the foundation or basement, as a result of water infiltration, he could take thousands of dollars in what his house is worth. A home buyer could also then require you to repair all the damage before accepting the sale of a house, resulting in loss of money and the added stress of trying to repair the damage in the short term. Newmarket basement renovations avoids this scenario and can be a point of sale for the home, since it has already taken steps to ensure the new buyer will not have basement leaks and water damage after moving.

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Mold and insect prevention

Mold grows anywhere there is a water source and basements are common sources of mold attacks. The spores often cause asthma and other health problems and the mold could spread quickly inside a wall tile or on the ceiling even before knowing it’s there. Similarly, ants and other insects are attracted to moisture, so water leaks act as an invitation to insect infestation. Newmarket basement renovation is not a complete guarantee against these problems, but it does reduce the risk and provide peace of mind.